About Zero Brand

It's human nature to protect what we create.

But with web3, decentralization, and the success of CC0 projects, thoughts around protecting and enforcing ownership are changing.

Permissionless communities have formed around projects like Nouns DAO, Moonbirds, and CrypToadz, giving unprecedented access to resources and funds while utilizing the power of network effects to proliferate.

These projects and people inspired me to start Zero Brand, a celebration of CC0 and the openness and abundance it creates—not only for artists but also for the ecosystem that naturally forms around them.

I want to live in a future where art, design, and brands are permissionless. At Zero Brand, I'm doing just that — and I invite you to join me in creating a more open future for everyone.

Matt Downey

Matt Downey Founder, Zero Brand

Want to help proliferate the Zero Brand meme?

You can download all of the art featured on this site and use it however you like. It's all CC0 and in the public domain.